martes, 11 de agosto de 2009

Soggy Hamburgers

Through frustrations and lots of hugs from my kids, we finished our last week of programming in Lincoln County. Let me paint you a picture of beauty now. It's the last community cookout, and dark rain clouds are rolling in. We aren't sure what to do as community members start showing up. It pours once, but we don't call off. It doesn't look promising, but the community members stay and we set out the food. As Sarge referenced, we know that that community felt the love of God from YouthWorks! to stand out in the rain eating wet food with us. Those pictures of sopping wet kids and that soggy cheeseburger I ate was my favorite all summer. There we were, playing, eating, and just being together in the rain. That's the love of God lived out in community. I may not understand it, but I know it was there all summer long.
I'm back in Michigan now, after a long, tired drive from Philly. However ridiculous I may feel about it, I already miss my three favorite YW friends and those country mountain roads where we found a home.

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