sábado, 4 de julio de 2009

A Long Short Week Followed by a Long Weekend : D

It's been a long, tiring week, even though we sent families off a day earlier than we do youth participants.  You should know though, my team is great.  They sent me to bed as soon as we got done with our nightly meeting every night.  The last night with the families I stayed up - I figured it'd be a good night to socialize when I didn't have Kids Club to run the next day.  We worked all afternoon to get things ready for next week, then went to Miss Laudie's for dinner, Bible study and 'pickin' time.  It was good, but things are better when you're not zoned out because you're tired.  The whole team was dragging, but we got up bright and early to leave for Charleston at 6:15 to get groceries.  That way we could beat the 4th of July crowds and get back for our weekend off.  We took a long nap after, went for our weekly lunch at M&R where Haley and I discovered delicious milkshake flavors - butter pecan and blackberry chocolate.  We did our own thing for awhile, then Mark and I started writing a scary movie that we hope to tape at the West Virginia crews' area retreat next weekend.   I cooked some dinner, then we decided we wanted to make some kind of video...we chose a music video to Queen's "I want to ride my bicycle."  I almost cried laughing when it was all fixed up.  While Mark edited the video, the other three of us tie dyed our white work shirts.  
Today, a dog chased me, nipping at my feet while I ran until a neighbor in her car yelled at it.  I won't be running down that road again...if I remember which one it is.  We watched the parade go past our home while sitting in the truck bed eating breakfast.  Bingo is happening this afternoon instead of tonight to give people a chance to do fireworks and stuff.  The volunteer firefighters had a potluck lunch they invited us to before bingo started.  It was tasty.  They had a drawing for a couple folding chairs, and of all the people who had a ticket, I won.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it when we leave, but for now, it makes a lovely seat while I type.  It's a bit better than the floor with a chunk of carpet roll on it.  By the way, we don't have to use internet in the closet anymore.  Joe, one of the volunteer firefighters, our main man in this building, hooked up the internet to our sleeping room.  Tonight we're going to the Charleston Youthworks site to have a cookout with our buddies there, then to watch the fireworks over the river.  
I'd like to end with my site director's theory on fireflies.  He and his friend came up with this while porch sitting in Kansas.  The theory is that a firefly's entire purpose is to create a masterpiece of light throughout it's life.  We can only see one flash at a time, but God doesn't exist within time.  So, to Him, each firefly creates this ongoing piece of art that is all connected and more beautiful than we can know.  

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